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We love hearing the travel adventures of our customers, about where they’ve been and what they enjoyed. And it never hurts saying thanks to Andrew’s for starting and ending the journey!

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Sunsets and Safaris in Sri Lankan


After a word-of-mouth recommendation from a colleague, I have been using Andrews Airport Parking for over a decade now for both short and long haul trips and short and long length stays. The service has always been excellent.

After a sensational 2018 Christmas trip of sunsets and safaris in Sri Lanka, I returned on a very quiet New Year’s Eve evening. Not only did I get personalised service as the only person in the shuttle and then upon return for car pickup, but I had chance for a lovely chat with the driver.

Everyone is always so friendly at Andrew's (even at busy times), but the little things that night stuck in my mind particularly. It is why I always recommended Andrew's to all my traveller friends.

Meredith Walker, 2019.

God's Country - Jindabyne


We were off to the Snowy Mountains to spend a week at a holiday house in Jindabyne. After booking a flight to Sydney, we booked into Andrews Airport Parking in Brisbane.

Our daughter and son in-law drove us to Canberra, where we stayed by the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin. The next day we drove through scenic countryside to Jindabyne. Here we met our other daughter, son in law and grandchildren. They had hired a holiday house on the edge of Lake Jindabyne. We had fun kayaking, swimming and hiking. On our first hike my wife jumped a creek and twisted her ankle. It was too sore to climb Mt Kosciuszko the next day with the family. Her foot became a multicoloured, swollen mess so she consulted a doctor, who X-rayed it and found it was broken.

On the way home we flew from Canberra. Even though we came home two days early, the Andrew’s bus was waiting for us. A QANTAS employee wheeled my wife right to Andrew’s bus stop.

So handy!!

William Bohlen, 2018.

Wow, Wow & Wow - Thailand


Wow, wow & wow!

From the moment we left our home in Brisbane, November 2018 until we arrived in Thailand!! Karon beach, family birthday celebrations, food (oh my god the food), the locals, the activities, the tours, the memories!!! Everything was exceptional! Love Thailand, love no hassles, love great experiences & service... we got it all.

Do yourself a favour & go to Thailand!

Let Andrews take care of your car. They will even have it sparkling clean on your return!

Let the travel agent take care of the rest & let your family relax, shop & experience the beauty of Thailand. End of story.


Tracy Baker, 2018.

Byron Bay Writer's Festival


After a headache-free and friendly send off, thanks to my Andrew's Airport Parking driver, I flew to the Gold Coast for a conference. Then I went to Federal to speak at a writers' festival near Byron Bay.

The highlight of the festival was Kerry O'Brien's summary of his career as a journalist. He said the most difficult interview he ever did was at Nimbin at the height of the Hippie era. As a young journo, he fronted up, not expecting his interviewee to be a bare-breasted young woman.  He said he has never looked so intently into a person’s eyes for so long. The cameras ready to pounce!

Federal is a beautiful green, hilly town in the hinterlands of Byron Bay. It is near the famous Crystal Palace. I stayed in the Cloud House in a rain forest, thanks to the hospitality of local billets.  The Cloud House is a unique holiday rental, surrounded by rain forest. I heard the catbird at night and I was up near the tree tops, in a princess' bedroom with magnificent views.

Writers came from all over the Asia Pacific region to the inaugural Federal Free Writers' Festival.  A documentary was made which will be launched later this year in St Tropez. I thank the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators and the Federal Free Writers' Festival organisers and attendees for a week of mind-food, music and sharing of stories.

And thank you Andrew's Airport Parking for the no-wait ride back to my car. Everyone was chatting in the back and the driver was lovely, ending my trip on a relaxed, positive note.   

Jude Aquilina, 2018.

60-Something and Still Trekking!


The Himalayas lie like an immense snowy necklace around the throat of Tibet. At the northwest end of the range they crash into the mighty Karakorams and then sweep down over the top of India, through Nepal (where I did my Everest trek in 1991) and then roar towards China in the northeast.

Hanging from the necklace is a pendant of great beauty that is the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan.

And Bhutan was my destination as I headed off from Second Valley Forest at 4am on October 16th to drive the 100kms to Adelaide, drop my Qashqai into Andrews Airport Parking to go to the airport and then flew to Bangkok via Singapore. Next day I was in Paro, Bhutan at the start of my Tribute Trek. It’s a tribute to two amazing women who are no longer with us.

My friend Fiona Gallagher was a brave, creative, loving and spiritual inspiration to so many people. Her sudden death from cancer Boxing Day 2018 was soul-shattering for so many of her friends and family.

Val Penny and I first met in 1986. We did a six week trek to Everest in 1991 and Val helped me plant trees on my 10 acre property 'Namaste' above Leonard's Mill in the southern Fleurieu when I bought it in 1993.

Over the following years she loved to visit Second Valley but tragically died in 2012 from an aneurism after a heart/lungs transplant the previous year. She was a wonderful person beloved of so many people and is sorely missed.

I survived the ups and downs of a few weeks trekking in Buddhist Bhutan. We covered nearly 100kms and scaled peaks up to 4000 metres, not back for an old bloke in his late 60s.

And after three days of travel from Bumthang to Paro to Kolkata to Bangkok to Singapore to Sydney to Adelaide I was finally home at 6am. to be greeted with a smile at my prompt pickup by Andrews Airport Parking.

Tashi delek (thanks) Andrews Airport Parking!

Garry Benson, 2018.

Ancient Europe


We planned an amazing holiday down to the last detail. But what caught us off guard was the traffic on the Bruce Highway, so we arrived at Andrew’s Airport Parking later than planned.

They met us and made the transfer to the airport so fast and easy.

We flew to Athens and spent a week soaking up the history and food, before flying to Rhodes and the amazing beaches, palaces and castles. Then on to Samos to spend a week with friends before catching the ferry to Kusadasi in Turkey. We had a guide take up to visit the ancient city of Ephesus a Greco Roman masterpiece. Then on to the limestone pools at Pamukkale and on to our final destination of Istanbul. What an amazing journey, the flavours, the incredible sights and the people!

On arrival home we were met by our Andrews friendly driver and whisked safely to our car.

It will always be a holiday to remember.

Chris Fletcher, 2017.

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