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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions specific to our Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide car parks, you may prefer to review these FAQ pages:

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What is the difference between an Andrew’s car park and an affiliated car park?

The Andrew’s car parks we own and operate the car park itself. That is in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, you’re parking with Andrew’s.

The affiliated car parks are car parks / businesses that we have chosen to work with. Through Andrew’s you can book a space and manage that booking, but onsite you are parking with another business.

Do you have agreements with all of your affiliated car parks?

Yes. We only feature those airport car parks who a) We offer the opportunity and b) Who chose to be featured. The affiliated car parks must meet certain standards that we would represent, in service, security and availability. So you can be assured of a good experience, parking with an affiliate of Andrew’s.

Must I pre-book and pre-pay for my parking?

When you park with Andrew’s, it is advised that you pre-book and you can pre-pay.

When you park with an affiliated business, you must pre-book and you must pre-pay.

What if my travel plans change after booking?

No problems. You can Manage your own booking through our Manage Booking for any booking made with Andrew’s. There are no fees associated with changing your booking.

And how about cancelling my booking?

You can cancel bookings at the same Manage Booking. This can only be done prior to your arrival time and there may be fees associated with cancelling.

How do off-airport car parks work?

Rather than parking at the airport and paying those high airport parking fees, you can park with an off-airport car park and receive a short shuttle bus ride to and from the airport.

This is often cheaper (certainly for Undercover parking) and helps avoid the stress of finding a park and remembering where you parked at the airport. You can also expect great personal customer service from an off-airport parking provider.

How much time should I allow, to get from an off-airport car park to the airport?

We recommend allowing 45 minutes. But this is very conservative. Shuttle bus transfers range between 2-15 minutes, depending on the size of airport. Add on time for you to check in with other customers and board the bus, typically you can expect a 20-30 minute turnaround from arrival at a car park to being at the airport. But allow 45!

What if I arrive early, or late against my check-in time? Or my check-out time?

Provided you arrive the same day, your total parking rate will not change. If you have parked off-site, shuttle buses continuously run to and from the airport.

Returning without notice on a day other than your Check Out Date, then refunds or additional fees may apply.

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