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Andrew's Airport Parking Memberships are consolidating on May 16th, 2023. The Memberships described below are correct for AFTER that date.

Andrew’s Airport Parking offer Memberships to suit frequent and infrequent flyers alike, with an additional option for the FIFO industry.

If discounted parking, credits towards future parking and services, guaranteed space and priority collection from the airport sound good, then you should read on.

You can join by clicking JOIN NOW below, during your next visit or feel free to give us a call on (07) 3268 4222!

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Andrew’s Member

Our key Membership, the Andrew’s Membership is free and offers plenty of benefits. Free AND benefits, yes we offer something for nothing here at Andrew’s!

Miners Member

If you fly more frequently in the FIFO Industry, our Miners Membership may be for you. We've removed annual fees, locked the rates regardless of when you book and ensure priority collection and parking space 365 days a year.

Company FBT Membership

Do you use a company vehicle? Your company pays Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) every year? We have a special Membership for you, our Company FBT Membership.

So, how does it work?

Well, we did the tough bit. We have acquired a ruling from the Australian Tax Office authorising our company to provide your company with a pro-rata FBT deduction. We supply a letterhead report of the company vehicles’ last 12 months parking, after March 31st each year, which you provide your tax accountant.

We can not give tax advice specific to your company’s circumstance, we recommend you receive your own tailored tax advice. But as a few generic examples:

If your Company’s FBT liability is $4,000 for a tax year for a given employee, but that employee parked their vehicle with us for 20 days of that tax year, your company are entitled to 20/365th  deduction from their FBT.

In the case of $4,000 and 20 days parked, that would be $219.17.

If your Company FBT liability is $6,000 and the employee(s) park with us for 30 days, that would be a $493.15 deduction. Park 60 days at $6,000 FBT liability, $986.30 is your Company deduction.

Depending on your FBT circumstance and number of employees, you could reduce your Company fringe benefits tax significantly with our Company FBT Membership.

For further information or to apply for a Company FBT Membership, please click here to contact [email protected]

 *Guaranteed parking may be suspended at Andrew's Airport Parking's sole and complete discretion, particularly when site safety or servicibilty are compromised.

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