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Travelling overseas for an extended period of time, for business or leisure, can be an incredibly exciting opportunity. Meeting great people, seeing amazing sights and enriching yourself in the international culture, there is so much to enjoy and look forward to. But your car; the last thing you want to have to worry about is the security of your vehicle while you're away. Stressing over weather, theft or damage can really ruin a holiday. Which is why you should trust Andrew’s when it comes to long term airport parking!

Our facility in Brompton has plenty of outdoor and undercover parking spaces available, where your vehicle will be kept safe and sheltered from the weather for as little as $5 a day. With CCTV across the facility, single entrance and exit points and high perimeter fencing, you can rest assured your vehicle will be kept safe during your travels, regardless of the duration. We also offer competitive rates and a number of long term storage options for larger vehicles, contact us today for more information.

While you’re away, you can also take advantage of some great additional services for your vehicle. With extras like servicing, detailing and cleaning, you can save yourself time and effort by having your vehicle taken care of while you're away. You don’t even need to be in the country! 

When you return home from your trip we’ve still got you covered. If your tyres have flattened or battery drained during your time at Andrew’s we’ll happily inflate your flat tyre or charge your flat battery for no extra charge. Good luck finding something else for free at Adelaide Airport!

1 $28.00 $39.00
2 $44.00 $59.00
3 $55.00 $79.00
4 $63.00 $97.00
5 $73.00 $113.00
6 $82.00 $125.00
7 $89.00 $132.00
8 $95.00 $142.00
9 $102.00 $155.00
10 $109.00 $165.00
11 $115.00 $175.00
12 $119.00 $182.00
13 $125.00 $189.00
14 $130.00 $195.00
15 $137.00 $205.00
+ Days $7.00 $10.00

*All rates displayed are charged per calendar day and are inclusive of GST.

Why Choose Andrew’s for Long Term Airport Parking?

At Andrew’s we provide you much more than just competitive rates on long term airport parking. Driven by excellent customer service and outstanding value, we love to go above and beyond to ensure your experience with us is positive and stress free. This has lead us to offer a range of additional perks like:

1. Same opening hours as Adelaide Airport 

7 days a week from early morning to late at night, Andrew’s will be there to welcome or farewell you for all flights to and from Adelaide airport. No matter when you depart or return, Andrew’s will be there for your long term airport parking needs,  welcoming you with a smile and our signature customer service.

2. Fast, friendly and free shuttle Bus Services

When arriving or departing for your trip you don’t want to have to worry about a taxi, uber or public transport. Our shuttle buses run on demand for every single customer. That means you’ll never be stuck waiting at the airport because of a schedule or waiting for other travellers to fill up the bus. If only the airlines could say the same! 

When you’re ready to go, one of our friendly and accredited drivers will happily assist you with your luggage and then take you to or from Adelaide Airport. For families with small children or newborns, we have forward and rearward facing baby and booster seats with all of our drivers trained in their proper installation.

3. Quick and Convenient Location

Our airport parking facility in Brompton is just 5 kilometers away from Adelaide Airport, taking 10 minutes on our convenient and fast shuttle. This helps you get to or from the airport much quicker, giving you more time to think about your exciting international trip or to wait in the line at customs.

4. Valet Parking

When you return from an extended holiday or business trip, ready to retrieve your car from long term parking, the last thing you’ll want to have to do is to try and remember where your car was parked. Preserve that sense of holiday relaxation for a moment longer with Andrew’s and collect your vehicle from one of our allocated spaces conveniently located outside reception.

5. Additional Airport Parking Services

While you're away you can take advantage of a number of great additional services offered by Andrew’s like full car detailing, cleaning and regular car servicing & repairs. While your car is in the care of Andrew’s we also offer complementary battery recharges and tyre inflations, making sure you don’t have any pesky delays outside the airport.

Contact us today to learn more or view our full range of services here!  

Motorbikes are always parked Undercover and attract an approximate 45% discount from our Undercover brochure rate, please contact us directly on (08) 8340 5200 to reserve your Motorbike space.

Prices on this page do not constitute a quote and may vary from those shown if you book during a period where we are already close to capacity.You can view our Terms and Conditions of both booking and parking here.

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