Short Term Airport Parking at Adelaide Airport

Whether it's a quick overnight stay for business or a few days away on holiday, Andrew’s Airport parking provides great and competitive rates for your short term airport parking. Let us take care of everything from you to your car, making sure your airport experience is simple and stress free.

At Andrew’s we have a range of outdoor and undercover airport parking options, offering you great short term parking solutions regardless of your budget. Our secure facility is just a stone's throw from Adelaide Airport giving you not only great convenience but reliability, allowing you to focus on your important meeting or relaxing on your quick holiday getaway.

See our full list of short term airport parking rates below:

1 $29.00 $41.00
2 $49.00 $68.00
3 $63.00 $89.00
4 $73.00 $109.00
5 $82.00 $125.00

*All rates displayed are charged per calendar day and are inclusive of GST.

Why Book Your Short Term Airport Parking With Andrew’s?

Rather than paying an arm and a leg for a taxi or lugging your luggage around on public transport, treat yourself to all the added benefits of airport parking.

Perfect Location For Airport Parking

Our facility in Brompton is just a short 10 minute drive from Adelaide airport, offering one of the best locations for your short term airport parking needs. Being so close to the airport means you’ll arrive at the airport in a flash or ready to pick up your car just moments after you touch down.

Need a ride? Use Our Free and Reliable Shuttle Bus Services

Can’t find a friend or family member to drive you to the airport? Not a worry. We take the stress out of coming to and from Adelaide Airport with a regular shuttle bus service. Our 4 shuttle buses run for every arrival and departure flight at Adelaide Airport so we’ll be there to meet any and every flight. Our shuttle can take you back to Andrew’s or if it is more convenient to Keswick Rail Station or Adelaide Bus Central, saving you a hefty taxi or uber fee.

Valet Parking

While it would be nice if your holiday or trip could last forever, that's just not the case. When you return you’re often forced to hit the ground running and at Andrew’s we understand this and offer valet parking to all customers. This means you don’t have to waste time finding your car or remembering your space when you return. Simply collect your vehicle from our allocated spaces outside reception and you can be on your way!

Short Term Airport Parking Deals And Discounts

While Andrew’s already has competitive parking rates from as little as $6 a day, you can be eligible for some sweet discounts when you sign up for an Andrew's membership! It’s free to join and can save you big bucks. Booking your short term parking in advance will also be sure to land you the best deal.

Is a motorbike more your vehicle of choice? Great! You can park for an almost 50% discount on equivalent rates for cars. The best part? All motorbike parking is undercover! Contact us directly on (08) 8340 5200 to reserve your Motorbike space.

Service With A Smile

At Andrew’s we pride ourselves on the best quality customer service. Whether it be loading and unloading your luggage, our complimentary baby booster seats fitted by our trained drivers or special assistance for customers with mobility issues, it is our pleasure to make your short term airport parking experience a good one!

Secure Short Term Airport Parking

Don’t let stressing about your car ruin your tip. All our vehicles are stored in our secure facility with full coverage CCTV, secure perimeters and patrols giving you complete peace of mind. With single entry and exit points you can rely on our expert security team to ensure your vehicle remains safe and secure for the duration of your stay.

Additional Short Term Airport Parking Services

Want to get some work done on your car while you’re away? Andrew’s Airport Parking offers a great range of services like mechanical car servicings. Contact us today to learn more!

Prices on this page do not constitute a quote and may vary from those shown if you book during a period where we are already close to capacity.You can view our Terms and Conditions of both booking and parking here.

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